February 12th, 2005

me: portrait

I'm tired...

No fiber today - the new rods are 1/2" too long. *sigh* No biggie - Dad told me he'll shorten them next week when he comes out.

Today was work-outside-before-the-scheduled-flood-hits day. Since the horses have been allowed next door, they tend to wander up around the house and annoy the dogs. They decided to do this today at 5:30 AM. Ingrates.

Not anymore, though. The former owner had left a 12 foot gate down on one side of the property. I went down this morning (at the unhealthy hour of 7 AM), hauled it up, then proceeded to sink a new post (the space inbetween the 2 paddocks is 14 feet, or thereabouts) for the gate to latch to. By the time Dad got here at 9, the post was sunk and secured and I was ready for someone to help me drill the holes to hang the silly thing.

2 bloody hours later, I had a new gate. If my local poltergeist had quit hiding the drill bits, wrenches, hammers....it would have been done a lot faster.

The ingrates haven't tested it yet - this is the first day in a long time that the grass was better on *that* side of the fence. We'll see what happens tomorrow....*g*

The poor pony keeps getting stuck on the other side of the creek. He gets over there, but is so blind he can't figure out how to get back across it to eat. I have to hike down there (almost a 1/4 mile) to coax him to a dry area so I can dump his grain. Poor baby - at least he trusts me now, and lets me catch him easily. Soon as the grass comes back up over here, I'll haul them all home.
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