February 13th, 2005

me: portrait

Tdday was a good day to dye....

Wool, that is. I dyed up the 8oz of spun Shetland wool today - finally. It's a nice blue - hopefully close enough to French Blue for the friend it's intended for. Next step - weaving it up.

I think I may have accidently caused the death of Himself's betta. There was a dead fly in the tank, and after removing it, I dropped the lid...right on top of Mr. Kelly Fish. He's moping around right now, not quite lifeless....his top fin is torn, and he acts stiff. *sigh* I really hope I haven't killed him - he's a nice fish. Himself is pretending to be stoic, but I know how upset he'll be if Mr. Kelly Fish doesn't make it. (Kind thoughts or whatever would be most appreciated here. Yeah, he's just a fish - but he's my 4 year old's fish. We've had enough death around here.)

Oh, and if I have to hear another retelling of the Star Wars saga again (for the 50th time - today.), with breathless sound effects and fight demonstrations, I will go ballistic. There's only so much a Mom should have to take! I mean, he even gives directorial instructions: "YOU be the Deff Star and I'm the X-wing, ok? You stand there - No, There and I'll shoot you - NO! You don't shoot me! Dat's NOT how it goes. See, I shoot YOU and you blow up! NOT Like THAT! No No NO - you go "Boom"! and I fly off. And blow up Tie fighters. 'Cause, that's what X-wings Do. And then we'll fight with lightsabers. Here - you're Darf Maul, OK? And I'm Luke SKYwalker. Or maybe Anakin. No, I'm Luke. He's cooler than Anakin. Here - you hit me, OK? NO, NOT me - the lightsaber. Like dis. Harder - NO. Dis way! boom! I shot you wif my BLAster. You're dead now. *insert Mom: But that's not how Darth Maul got killed!* Yeah, but I changed it."