February 16th, 2005

me: portrait

You take 1 step forward and 2 back....

*sigh* And here I thought my arm was healing up all nicely. Seems that somehow or another it got infected, right at the end of the incision near my elbow.

I knew it had been itching a lot, but I figured it was just from healing. Until I bumped it today and a spasm of pain rocketed across my arm and down thru the wrist and fingers. Ooooof.

Took a needle to it and cleaned it out.....ick. Very nasty looking stuff, that. 2 kleenex and 3 alcohol swabs later, it bled clean. It's still tender to the touch, though.....

On to good-ish news: Himself's betta is still (as of this AM, anyway) alive and swimming. I have high hopes for him........*fingers crossed*

Am awaiting the arrival of my warping mill. I forsee many *long* dishtowel warps in my future!
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