February 24th, 2005

me: portrait

Countdown to party....

and, of course, the house is a wreck. It has rained off and on the past 2 days...so we have doggie prints on the floor. The kids have camped out in the family room....so we have toys and puzzles and books scattered *everywhere*. And my table has been reburied. *sigh*

At least Himself's present finally came! I won it on Ebay January 14. It arrived Tuesday. Finally. He somehow knows what it is - he *knows* it's the Mill. Falcon. Ah, well.... he'll love it anyway.

ON to other things:

The loom is sleyed, threaded, and semi-tied up. I need to wind the warp on, then straighten the tie-up, and I'm good to go. Have 3 bobbins wound ready to throw......I'm waiting for Saturday. Dad is supposed to bring a hacksaw so he can shorten my steel rods (I mis-measured them; they are 1.5" too long. Inside diameter is *so* important!)

The blue shetland looks *wonderful* on the loom. It feels very yummy and squishy, and should weave up beautifully. We'll see..........
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