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February 27th, 2005


Quick Update 04:28 pm
Herself did *wonderfully* at church today. She got all nervous before her "debut", but when the time came, boy! She belted out the words like a pro!

*Everyone* was impressed, me most of all. *g* Yes, I sang with her, but I have a volume control.....*g* I got stopped by more people after church who wanted to complement her - and Her? She had already bolted for the Parish Hall, where the nursery attendant and Himself were.

See, Ms. B has CANDY. And will glady pass it out to big siblings if they ask nicely. And *that* is more important than standing around waiting politely for our turn to leave the pews. Ah, the priorities of youth!

Mommy-brag over now. Must go feed the critters.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
The possessed iPod says:: Barbie: The Nutcracker (DVD)
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