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March 3rd, 2005


Very quick update 05:36 am
We have foal! Erynne presented me with a bouncy baby......horse early this AM. Chestnut, wide blaze, 2 full socks in back and at least 1 in front.

He/she wasn't interested in letting me see what flavor.....I *think* boy, but h/she kept swishing the wee tail so I couldn't verify.

Gotta call the midwife vet for well-foal check!
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic

UPDATE: It's a BOY! 06:51 am
Whee! Dusty finally has a son!

Def. 2 full socks - still not sure on the forelegs. Think at least 1 partial. He might grey out, too - his legs are grey-ish, as is his underbelly.

Pictures will be posted probably tomorrow.

Now........to think of names. Gaelic, I think. Must go search.
Current Mood: thankfulthankful
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