March 6th, 2005

me: portrait

I survived...

Day 2. Barely. They had 26,000 thru the doors on Saturday.....and I saw more today than I did yesterday!

I did get a "commission" - Clan Keith's rep kept razzing me on the spinning - he'd wait until I need "rescue" from the Drunks, then he'd come over and complain that he'd ordered a kilt, to be delivered Today, and see - I wasn't anywhere near done enough! I finally smiled sweetly, agreed, and said "But, there's enough there for a pair of boxers, don'cha think?"

He turned redder than the MacDuff Tartan. *g* Then flashed back with "I don't *do* boxers" wink*wink. I said "Jockeys are even easier!"....he tried to comeback with "There's only 3 ways to wear a kilt - boxers, briefs and -" I cut in with "Lipstick"....which ended that. *g*

So, now I have until June to whip him up a pair of briefs or a willie-warmer. *g*

Also taught a MacKay kidlet to spin. *g* Just spreading the Joy.....