March 8th, 2005

me: portrait

More pictures!

New pictures of Finn have been uploaded. Go, enjoy!

J - sorry I haven't figured out the sense-o-meter yet. His soft and fuzzy coat needs all the skritches it can get...*g*

Sorry I didn't upload to LJ - I don't have the time to fiddle with the image sizes, then upload them, then *find* them, then cut-n-paste the locations into 1 post. *sigh* Tax season approachith.
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me: portrait

It's Faire season!

NTIF is the unofficial official kick-off of Ren Faire season here in Texas. The first 2 (that I know of) start this weekend - Excalibur in Austin, and Four Winds in Tyler. So, this is the week to get all your garb together!

And, that's what I've been doing tonight. *My* garb is in good shape - I have fabric for 5 more skirts, but I don't *need* them for Four Winds - it's all bubble gauze and is intended for the big Highland Games in June; the kids' garb, however, is Not.

Himself is in pretty good shape - I made his peasant outfit last year 3 sizes too big, so he can wear it now. Herself.......has grown. A lot. Her skirts are too short, and she can't locate her long chemise (or her bodice....*sigh*). I don't DO bodices - I bought this one, and paid more for it than I did for mine (mine was an Ebay score; the seller was happy to make me a similar one for her, but at retail price.) I have a problem with I'm putting it off. *g*

I also have to knock out 2 more boy outfits - the daycare lady is planning (well, yeah - so she says) on coming with us next weekend. While her track record is not great, I have hopes that it'll, I get to dress her 2 boys. 1 is Himself's size, pretty much, the other is quite shorter. Peasant pants and tops are super simple, though - and if I make 'em both fit Himself, he'll have 2 more outfits. (The daycare lady will borrow one of my outfits - I'm a Garb Whore of the highest order, so this is not a problem. I can fit *anyone* from a size 4 up to a 20, and have. (No, I've never been a size 20 - but I have 2 houppelondes with infinatly expanding waistlines from my 2 pregnancies. Very comfy, very period, very nice-looking.)I've even outfitted a school play from my garb closet!) Her hubby can wear one of Steve's shirts..he'll have to do sweats or jeans, because I can't find the pants, and he won't fit in any of the doublets I have)...we'll be stylin'.

I wish I knew a SCA/Rennie family with a girl a bit bigger than Herself. Then I wouldn't have to torture myself attempting to make her garb! (My MIL cuts out my skirts for me...I am skirt-impaired.)

Whee! It's bedtime! I have successfully postponed skirtmaking for another day! *eg*
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