March 12th, 2005

me: portrait

The tally so far...

3 kidlet shirts, 2 kidlet pants, 1 me skirt. All they need is the elastic/drawstrings inserted, and they are done done done!

To do: 2 kidlet skirts, 1 me skirt. Probably not today....I's tired!

Dad came out and got to meet Finn. Finn wasn't impressed - he tried to kick Himself (missed by 1"...whew!) but let me halter him and lead him around. I took the lead off...he got mad 'cause he couldn't nurse with the halter on. *g* Relatively easy to catch him and remove it, so that's good.

Came home and decided the studmuffin needed to mow my back yard. The pony is too blind - I *knew* what was gonna happen, see, and I didn't want dead/mortally wounded pony in my back yard. The mares? Too goofy.

So, went into the pasture, and Dusty came right up. He's such a good boy! Managed to drag myself up onto his back (why should I lead him? He's got *4* legs - let him carry Me for a change!) and rode him home. The dogs went bananas when I tried to open the gate - Zoey actually got out and attempted to bite his hocks...but he nailed her, so she came back into the yard and hung around me. The other 2 proceeded to chase him around the yard...until Lucy got in range. He nailed her right in the middle of her forehead. (She's fine)

So, now the dogs are camped on the porch, barking occasionally so he knows they are watching, and Dusty is wandering around noshing on the succulent green bermuda. It's knee high to me, so it needs to be eaten!

Must go check on his water - more later!
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