March 19th, 2005

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I'm tired!

FOUR WINDS IS BACK!!! With a vengance, too!

It seems that the owner *finally* got a professional partner - there were 1/2 again as many vendors as last year, the joust has finally matched the proper horses to the proper riders (last year, the biggest knight was on the smallest horse. Not only visually jarring, the poor horse was constantly on his forehand) and there were patrons there! And new permanent buildings! And a fresh coat of paint on the existing ones! And real, live speakers at the joust field, and a real chess board for the match and and and.....(they already had flush privies, thankyouverymuch!)

I had figured it would be like last year - we'd get there right at opening cannon (10 AM), and leave right after the joust (it ends at 1 PM). Hah! At 3 I had to drag Himself outta there - I had to get home to work on the fence so I can bring Erynne and Finn home tomorrow.

It was Scottish Weekend, but there weren't many kilts around. *sob*. However, this is the first year they've invited any Clan Societies (2 *bigger sigh*), so hopefully it'll grow.

This is very good - last year was their 10th anniversary, and I was afraid they were on their way out. Now, I have hope! Since I boycotted the big faire near here 8 years ago, and the other spin-off Faire died (in 2000), I've been feeling deprived. Last year was a stop-gap for me, and a good introduction for the kids (due to the boycott and the death of Hawkwood, neither kid had any memories of Faires. Herself had gone until 1999, Himself had never been.)

I stupidly didn't apply sunscreen, so I have a lovely bodice-burn. Next time, I'll be prepared, and we'll leave before the joust. *g* Can't win.

I'm glad they have a pro helping them. I was told by a vendor that he is pysched about the faire, and has even bought property next to the site and had a house built. I was also told that he only goes into stuff he thinks will succeed....and he hasn't been wrong yet. *I* don't know him, so I can't say - but things look good. We're going back the week after Easter, so we'll see if my impressions are right.

Oh, and the fence? Didn't get fixed - I can't get the stupid auger off of the back of the tractor. Since I can't carry the roll of wire, I'm kinda stuck. I did get the front line of both paddocks tightened, so that's something, I guess.

Bath time!
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