March 23rd, 2005

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I got a box!!!! Of BOOTS!!!!!

I am totally impressed and amazed. I ordered a pair of knee-high boots from Sodhoppers the middle of February. Paul sent me the casting DVD and instructions March 3, and I sent them off around March 8. They arrived TODAY...and they are perfect.

They fit a treat. As well as my Catskill Mountain mocs (that are D-E-A-D; they are at least 10 years old now), but made out of a heavier leather. And did I mention the *fast* turnaround? My Catskill's took 6 weeks! And this was before they were *so* popular!

Oh, and did I mention how inexpensive (relatively speaking) they are? Let's put it this way: my Catskill's are 5 button (about 2" above the ankle) cost MORE 10 years or so ago then these 8 button (knee-high) mocs cost me this year. (The current price for the Catskill 5 button is almost $50 less than the Sodhopper knee-highs. Just sayin')

They are also a bit "fancier". My Catskill's aren't finished on the top - just a raw edge that's been smoothed out. My Sodhoppers have a neatly sewn, rounded top edge. They're a heavier leather, as well - but they feel buttery soft. The Catskill's are comfortable, but not as soft.

The Catskill's have conveyor belt soles, which are thin and "stealthy". The Sodhoppers have "real" shoe soles - these are the Athletic ones. Stiffer and not quite as "sneaky" - but. The Sodhoppers have integral arch support, the Catskill's have shearling liners. (As I get older, the arch support is *much* more important!)

Now, my Catskill's buttons are a bit heavier-duty - they are copper Celtic ones. My Sodhoppers have nice nickle-ish Thistle buttons. I'm not disappointed - just comparing.

I am very very very impressed. I highly recommend them to *anyone* looking for Ren Boots. Paul is very nice, very helpful - and Very Speedy. I love my Catskill's, don't get me wrong - but I think I'm going to love the Sodhoppers even more.
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