March 25th, 2005

me: portrait


Y'know how I said way back in December that I hoped the surgery worked? (No. 4 for those playing along) Well, I don't think it did. I am in agony right now - and I didn't do much today at all.

I hemmed a full-circle skirt this morning. I had pinned it last night, so before breakfast I sat down at the Singer and banged it out. My wrist ached, but not badly, so I put it out of my mind and went to fix the kidlets some food. (Scrambled eggs and sausage. No strain there). Then I cut out a pair of knee-length bloomies - again, no strain, since I'm right-handed, went outside to unload my Mother's truck (9 bags of grain - I did 6), dumped 2 salt blocks (truck to the position, I just basically dumped).....then stitched up the bloomies. Baked a cake, went to the store, boiled eggs.....took a nap, assembled a dessert for tomorrow, threw something in the oven for supper (we went out for lunch).

That was *it* for hand-work until after supper. I whipped up Herself's cloak (2 layers of polar fleece)..and the wrist is *screaming*. It's been achy since before breakfast, but this is back to almost pre-surgery levels. Bad enough that I am contemplating popping a Vicodin before bedtime.

I do NOT understand this - I didn't do anything stressful, didn't push myself to work thru pain. Urk. I give up. I already have an appointment for the Ortho on Monday, so we'll see what he has to say. I will NOT do another nerve-block - that failed miserably. So did the cortisone injections (I quit counting around 6, I think.)

The grain shouldn't have done anything - she parked *right* next to the garage, maybe 10 feet from the barrels. I slapped the bags over my shoulder and let my right hand do most of the work. *sigh*

I haven't touched the loom in a long while - I am out of the yarn I need to finish the scarf. I can't spin the yarn I need (doc told me to not do too much, so the only spinning I've done was the little at work last week.) No knitting since last October, I think........*sigh* I need to find a creative outlet soon or I think I'll explode.

At least the bloomies are cute.........I'll have to get a picture of them. I hit the Scrubs section of JoAnn's....and found the *perfect* fabric. Blue skies, butterflies...and flying pigs. *eg*