March 28th, 2005

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I hate my doctor...

Let's see: fingers numb to the first knuckle and tingly, wrist achy, small spasms, thumb totally painful.

Diagnosis: has no clue. Do the exercises (BTDT), do nothing else with the hand until next visit (JUNE, people. I am expected to do NOTHING with my hand until JUNE).

It's workers comp, and he's the best ortho on their list, so changing is not really an option (unless I want to pony up the $$, and I can't afford it).

Disgusted? Nah - whatever gave you that idea? I'm sick of this. I think I need to go do some maintenance on my Kubota. Maybe the ER docs could do something about it?
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me: portrait

Now I've seen everything....

so. Going to the restroom at work, I almost tripped over this large-ish metal container. It was, oh - 24" 'round, and about 20" tall. It resembled a metal milk container. Heavy. I've seen these before, but not here, in an office complex.

In big, red letters, it said: FROZEN SEMEN

On a small yellow sticker: American Cattle-raisers Association (or somesuch)

So.............I guess I'll have to watch out for horny cows now? Who'd'a thunk we'd be performing AI on heifers in office?
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