March 29th, 2005

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Good mail day!

So, hit the Post Office after was a good day!

1st: I was RAOK'd by Susan Hanrahan! A lovely card and a packet of Chocolate Chimp Chai. Whoo Hoo!!!! Thanks, Susan - I needed it!

2nd: Bunch o'books I had ordered off of Ebay/Amazon/ Whee - new reading material!

3rd: Big box o'pennywhistles. The kids have been pestering me for one of their own, so...I did. Each of them got a SweeTone "D" whistle, and I filled out my collection with some of the "odder" whistles. Now, to find time to play with them.

I'm trying to resign myself to another boring 3 months. I think I can wind warps - that shouldn't stress my left hand, right? Especially if I use the reel instead of the board?

And, I think I have figured out how to weave.......I have a nice, large bench. Room enough for 2, in fact. If Himself sits next to me, I can change the shed, he can throw the shuttle, and I can beat the weft. Or he can - the overhead beater is *so* lightweight it's not even funny. We'll have to try that soon.

I don't really understand the no spinning ban, but I'll abide by it.....for now. I mostly spin woolen with the 1 handed unsupported long-draw....I'll follow doctor's orders, though, for now. I am tired of the pain.
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