April 5th, 2005

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Thanks...and bored.

Thanks for the congrats - the loom is great, and Himself has already claimed it. *g* He informed me this AM I needed to rewarp it NOW, so he could test it for me. *eg*

I'm going to check the trash pile this afternoon to see if there's anything else out there I'd be interested in. Probably not, but who knows?

On a totally unrelated note, anyone out there know how to add a banner to the top of my LJ? I'm stuck. I have the banner, I have the bandwidth to link it...and can't figure it out. *sigh* HTML is easy.....LJ customization, not so much.
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me: portrait

My son's idol has toppled off of his pedestal

and it's sad. I guess 5 isn't too young to be disillusioned, is it?

It's my fault. I did something I *never* do. I bought the book of Ep. 3. The hardback for me, and the Picture book for the kids. Why? Not for the spoilers - if you've seen the OT, you already *know* what's going to happen. Maybe not the how or the exact time frame, but you *know* what has to happen so Ep. IV is correct. *shrug* I bought the picture book, then wanted to get free shipping - what else was I supposed to buy? I was *right*there*.

Besides, I can't do what we did for the first 2 movies. Steve and I went to see PM opening weekend, leaving Herself with my brother. I made mental notes, and when we went back the next weekend with her, I was able to distract her during the scary stuff. (Maul's death, etc.) She was a little over 1 year old. For AotC, Steve's friend got us sneak preview tickets (it was a press event at the only theater in the area with TI's new whatzit...way awesome, and we were on TV. Whee!) the week before the premier, and it was awesome. The next weekend (opening weekend), we hit the big convention then took them both to the theater. I can't do that now......can't justify the ticket prices for 2 viewings for me, and really can't justify missing work. Ah, well....life goes on.

Anyway, the books arrived yesterday, to much squeals and squeeches of Joy. Himself demanded I read it *that*night*....so, I did.

Now, I've told both of them all along what was going to happen. We've got copies of all the Clone Wars cartoons (thanks to my co-worker's TIVO), and we've watched them *continuously*. I've told them what happens after Chapter 25....about General Grevous being killed, and Anankin becoming Darth Vader. Padme dying, the twins separated. They *know* this.

So, explain to me why Himself was heartbroken last night to find out Anakin embraces the Dark Side and becomes Vader. He was fine until Grevous met his end; then he became clingy and whiny and scared. (And the picture book doesn't even show *half* of what happens. The Great Purge is only hinted at, for example.) He was upset at Padme's death......and Vader's resurrection.

We've discussed skipping the movie (well, *them* skipping the movie *g*), but NO, both of them *have* to go or they'll die or something. *shrug*

I'm thinking I'll skip opening weekend (though it breaks my heart) and go the next. With both kidlets, who will hopefully be prepared for the darkness and the battles. *fingers crossed*.

And, yeah - we'll be getting the DVD..and the VHS...and the toys (we already have some of them....)

It's just sad that he's disillusioned now. My poor little padawan........
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