April 25th, 2005

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Busy weekend...

I managed to get my studio/loom room tidied. All the overflow roving/yarns have been put up neatly, if not totally accessibly. Floor was vacuumed. Loom was patted...stupid doctor not letting me weave! Instead, I clean. I leave it to you which would do more damage to my wrist.....

I also unloaded the 25 rolls of roof felt the builders left. The gentleman was quite happy to have them, I was quite happy to give them to him....its win/win! I *love* Freecycle!

Not much else to report - I fondled a lot of handspun I had forgotten about. Discovered a nice moorit Romney fleece, and a bunch of Suffolk X lamb fleeces. Whee! Gotta get to carding it so I can *do* something with it. I also found my other Viking wool comb...it's been missing since we moved. On the one hand I'm glad, on the other not so much - I am lusting after a nice set of English 4-pitch combs. *sigh* Oh, well - I don't *really* need them, I guess.

Off to knit fondle some handspun mohair/lambswool yarn. *g*
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