April 26th, 2005

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Gotta love that Texas weather!

We had major thunder-boomers yesterday/last night. So bad that the power grid for my neighborhood was affected - we were without power from abourt 5:45 (per the clocks, when they came back up) to 6:30. Lots of rain, lots of noise. Lots of Mud. *eg*

I decided if you can't win, join in. We had gone to the grocery store for milk right when the bottom fell out. The cart boy was a bit dismayed to have to go out into the torrent....I, meanwhile, happily bounced outside, jumping into each puddle and generally trying to get as soaked as possible. (Why, yes, it was quite fun actually!)

We got home to no power (ergo, no garage door opener!), so the kids had to scramble to get inside without getting too wet. Me? I unloaded the groceries, then skipped my way into the front door, dropped off the loot, then headed back out to feed the (ungrateful, starving) horses. (And yes, I *did* do my 'bring it on' rain dance! I didn't want to get the iPod wet, so it was sans music, but oh well. It seemed to amuse my (icky soon to be divorced and currently looking) neighbor.) The horses were, sadly, not amused. At All.

The temp. dropped to the lower 50's this AM, but is back up to spring-like today. It's nice and sunny right now (darn it!)..there are, however, quite a few large puddles at the house. *eg*

23 days to go!!!
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me: portrait

Weaving samples are in!!

and all I can say is OH WOW!

If you want to see them, go to Carolyn's blog - she's got pictures posted!

I am humbled and impressed! I'm also fired up....but can't (legally) weave until June!! (Any bets on if I keep the restriction in place? I won't take any - it's a sucker bet!)

I'll be studying these for a while...my next project will be(another set of) dishtowels, and I'm seeing lots of possibilities here. Think I'll be playing with drafts for a while!

I also think I need to get a weaving program. It'll make things go faster - I hate to do drawdowns! - and I can play around with the sett and threadings easier. And print out the plans. *g* Must go research - anyone have any recommendations/pointers?
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