April 27th, 2005

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Random mutterings...

So, last night Herself realized that the studio was clean and tidy. It was quite a surprize to her...not sure why, exactly, since she was lounging on the couch while I was hustling and bustling around picking up and putting up.

I've finally given in and accepted the fact that the former dining room is, in fact, a studio. Loom room just doesn't seem to fit - there's a *lot* more in there than just the Glimakra (and the LeClerc, and the Structo, and the inkle, and the RH) loom. It's just.....the word "studio" is so, so professional. Real. Not like what *I* do - I think I dabble. But, it fits, and I've grown accustomed to thinking of it as a studio, so - there you go. I just wish it was *big* enough to contain all my fiber-y equipment! *g* The PG drumcarder, the sewing machine, the serger, and the warping mill have taken over moved into the "formal" living room...as has the sock machine and the kumihimo stand. The Glimakra is so big, that unless I want to give up my family room (not even!) I have to spread the stuff over 2 rooms.

The spinning wheel collection is stashed all over the house. I'm afraid to put all the wheels in 1 place...they might breed, or plot to take over the world, or something. *g*

Oh, and </a></b></a>darkeros
, shoot me an email about the viking combs. *g*
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