May 1st, 2005

me: portrait

Busy weekend...

Let's see....yesterday I actually cleaned the bedroom. It needed it - ever since we moved here, it's been at the bottom of the list, and used to store all the stuff that accumulates. Most of the stuff is now gone - there's still a wee bit, but you can open the door fully, see the floor, and walk into the closet. I even vacuumed!

I also made some drapes for my bedroom...they're not exactly what I want, but they will do for now. They block the light perfectly - since I have 2 windows on the east side of the house, I need that.

Today, I've spent 2 hours unweaving the Shetland scarf. I have probably another 2 hours to go......why unweave? Why not cut the weft threads? Well, it's handspun. I just can't bear to toss that much (I had woven maybe 9"). I'm glad I decided to go for it - I have found numerous treadling errors. Stupid hanging treadles - I keep hitting the wrong ones. I'm cogitating on how to best avoid this in the future....

Since the weft is the same color as the warp, I didn't catch the errors. When I start back over (after removing 2" or 3" of warp threads - it's not quite wide enough for a shawl, and too wide for a scarf as is), I will be using natural colored Shetland for the weft. I should be able to catch the errors right away. I hope.

Next Saturday is the Mother, Daughter, Friend luncheon at church. Herself was drafted today to read a poem.......whee. Guess what I get to do all week? *g*