May 2nd, 2005

me: portrait

I'm rolling in wool....

well. My pastor raises Columbia sheep. He has them strictly for the ag exemption; they're grass maggots. When he discovered I spin, he was happy to toss some wool my way; it's nice, I immediately scoured it, dyed most of it, and began spinning. For a non-spinner flock, it is *very*very*very* nice. Bouncy - I'm thinking socks or mittens here.

Anyway, flash forward to this year: it's shearing time. He asked me if I thought we could sell this year's clip. Ummm, yeah, said I. So, I posted an ad on the Housecleaning pages, and made a post to Sheep Thrills, and sat back and smiled.

Apparantly, you spinners came thru for me. heheheheheheheheh. He called me tonight - he doesn't have time to do this, so, long story short, the wool is mine. He's bringing it over Sunday after church. He's forwarding all the emails he's gotten, and will continue to do so, and I get to skirt, and package, and weigh, and ship out all the stuff...and keep the proceeds. (Most of which I will pump back into the church - I didn't raise the sheep, so I don't feel right in keeping all the money. I'll keep a little of it.....but not all of it.)

SO - I gotta get the rest of it sold. I don't know how much I have, or how much is already sold, can't stay in my garage. Himself's asthma would go nuts, and I just can't store stuff outside for long term. I am just about at critical mass on my stash (no, really, I am - I have *no*more*room* in the house to store fleece, clean or not, the garage is not conducive to proper storage...and I don't have the strength to wash all of it myself!), so it's gotta go!

$3/pound for adult wool, $4/pound for lamb/hoggit (or, as Pastor puts it "virgin wool" *g*)

Let me know if you're interested - seriously, it's gotta go. I can only process so much myself...and I don't need to hoard it!