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June 5th, 2005


I survived Scots Fest '05! 07:44 pm
A little melted, a bit burned, but I SURVIVED!

I love this festival, I really do - the largest one in the Region, and #2 (or 3) in the Country, lots of kilts, lots of pipers, top-notch bands....it's fun. And Good.

Bloody hot, though. Yesterday was the normal drill - full garb. Sodhopper boots, bloomers (flying pigs), chemise (gauze!!), 2 skirts (v. lightweight cotton), bodice (cotton velveteen) and tartan scarf over the shoulder. Fully equipped with bodice chiller, so it wasn't murder, but.....the humidity was horrid. Today, we went with a more casual look - shorts and clan shirts. I got more burned today than I did yesterday!

The coolest thing - seriously, the *coolest* thing I have ever seen - was Alec Beaton's kilt. He's a terrific Scottish musician (2nd, IMNSHO, only to Alasdair Frasier, the premier Scottish fiddler), and has awesome taste in kilts - his kilt was a triumph of the weaver's art. Solid blue (just wait!) with (wait for it - it's worth it) the St. Andrew's Cross WOVEN IN on the back of it. In the pleats, yet. He was kind enough to let me tweak some pleats to get a good look at it - I get a headache just thinking about warping the bloody thing. Totally cool, and I need to find a picture of it, since my server won't let me upload pictures or webpages right now, and I didn't snap a picture (what, say to him "Now that I've fondled your pleats, I want to snap a few pics of your butt!" ? I don't think so...)

Alasdair held a class on fiddling during the Bonniest knees contest (our entry WON! Whoo Hoo!), then took the kids (it was mostly younglings) UP ON STAGE WITH HIM to play backup. He's so cool - and a fantastic teacher. I wanted to go audit the class, but I had to help herd kilts for the contest. Ahh, well.....*g*

Must go wash off all the sweat and crash. Have I mentioned it was Bloody HOT out there???
Current Mood: tiredtired
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