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June 8th, 2005


3 days until VACATION! 03:39 pm
And I haven't done *squat*. Oh, the house is clean-ish, and the clothes are (mostly) washed....but packing? Nope. Kid's packing? Hah! And I can't do theirs until they get home Saturday......and we're leaving *early* Sunday morning.

Where are the fiberaddict & co going, you ask. *smirk* To the beach, of course! And to visit the Elissa . And Guido's. To soak up some rays, man!

Can hardly wait....but gotta get moving! The iPod is loaded, the iTunes is set, the zoo-keeper is arranged, car games are packed and ready to roll.......but no clothes. Wonder if I could get away with only packing a swimsuit and 1 change of clothes? *g*
Current Mood: rushedrushed
The possessed iPod says:: TFIA: Isn't it a Puzzle?
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