June 12th, 2005

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Yesterday was nice, but busy. DIL's got to the house at 7:35 AM and took over. My house is now spotless, shiney, and new again. Brush hog is re-attached to the Kubota, and front yard is mowed. I broke the push mower on Friday, and FIL couldn't figure out what I'd done, so the backyard is only 1/2 done...but since it's the part you can see from the windows, I don't mind. Too much.

The van was loaded by 1 PM, except for the electronic stuff and perishables.

Herself couldn't contain herself, so we had cake and prezzies at lunch (at the unheard of hour of 11). Much picture-taking ensued. Then, we had cake and prezzies at supper, too. I was able to put off the hotdogs (the requested birthday meal) until supper. Himself got too much cake, and went bonkers after supper (sorry, bro!) He then crashed into a little puddle of freshly-bathed boy at 8 PM, and is still zonked right now. I fully expect both of them to be bouncing up at any moment, since today is the Big Trip.

It looked like much fun was had yesterday. From all indications, much fun will be had today....once we get to the beach. Driving, not so much.

Gotta do a wee bit of websurfing - I checked out NASA on Friday, but the posted prices were, pardon the pun, astronomical. I want to see if they have any cheaper prices - we'll be pretty close to them, and I think both kids would love to go.

Also need to upload pictures of yesterday to the gallery.
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me: portrait

Ahhhhhhhhh, this is the life....

relaxin' on the beach, sipping on a lemonade, soaking up some rays. (OK, so right now I'm in the hotel room, but *still*)

We left the house at......5:15 AM. Blech. Went to the next town over (which just happens to be on I-45), and stopped at IHoP for breakfast. Yum...hot chocolate. *ahem* Spent an hour there, then hit the road again. We hit the island at 11:15 AM...and the hotel had no rooms ready. So, lunch on the beach, anyone?

It was good. Crowded, but good. I forgot that most of the "locals" hit the sand on the weekends. *sigh* It took us a bit to find a parking spot on the seawall, but we were able, and we hiked down to the beach and had some sandwiches. The kids fed the (aggressive) seagulls, then romped in the surf and sand.

Himself doesn't remember the last time we came (he was only 2.5, after all), so this is all pretty much new to him. He and I strolled along the shore, and let the waves run over our bare feet. Herself strolled with us a bit, then went back to our spot to look for seashells. We have a bucket full right now.

Got back to the hotel at 1:30, not sunburned surprisingly, and got into a room at 2. I crashed, after finding Cartoon Network on the TV. The IL's crashed, too, but the kids were pasted to the screen.

We're going to hit the pool in a little bit.

More later - I need to go soak up some rays!
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