June 22nd, 2005

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The credit card, it is a smokin'

*whew* Just finished a whirlwind shopping spree at Walmart.com and school-uniforms.com for the kidlets school wardrobes. Yes, Texas has a sales-tax amnesty every year the first weekend in August, and Yes, most people will take advantage of it.

Not me. Last year was a disaster - the stores were *packed*, the selection sucked, and it just wasn't a fun experience. Oh, and the savings? A whopping $20. Not including the cost of gas, and the sheer amount of time and frustration involved.

*This* year, I decided to take matters into my own hands and just get it done. I did a quick google, decided Walmart was my best bet, and got cracking.

They were out of stock on most of their items, but I got all their shorts (12 pair), long-sleeved polos (4) and all of Himself's long pants (6) there. Then I headed over to school-uniforms.com, where I got her jumpers (2), and all of their short-sleeved polos (ummm, 16 in total, I think...they have good prices).

All this for just under $500, and they are completely set for school (barring any unforeseen growth spurts...since I bought a size up for both of them)...and I'm done. (Well, except for socks and shoes...but those can be bought at any time).

Had I waited until August to get these, I would have probably spent $800 or more....since last year Herself's wardrobe came in just under $400. Himself can wear some of her outgrown stuff, but most of it is not even suitable for rags - she's *hard* on clothes. I paid no sales tax (except on the Walmart stuff...$21) and $10 in shipping. The stuff from Walmart was all on sale, and the stuff from school-uniforms was *cheaper* full price than anywhere else. They're all due to be delivered up here at the office sometime next week, too.

Satisfied - you bet! Do it again - in a heartbeat. It took me all of 30 minutes - 5 for the google search, and 25 for the actual shopping. That's less time than I would have spent in the car!

The credit card company should *love* me......*g* I'm off to browse a bit for *me* now - my co-worker is tied up on the phone, so we can't do what we need to do this AM.
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