June 26th, 2005

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So, the PTB at church have decided that this years Vacation Bible School will have a Star Wars theme. *snerk*

I've been put in charge of decorations and prizes. *snerk* The decorations are No Problem - I'll just empty out Himself's room (note to self: Rent a trailer. And get one of those rooftop cargo thingys.). Prizes, now....

The organizer (she's.....intense. We had a planning meeting today, and we all just sat and nodded and smiled, because it's just easier that way. Really, it is...) and she suggested I get some SW Pez dispensers. Ok, but....my kids already have all of them. I don't wanna haul any more of 'em home. The dogs would end up eating them to get to the candy-smell inside (the candy, of course, having already been consumed by the kids).

So, I need ideas. I'm browsing Ebay, but I refuse to get into a bidding war for this. She suggested I keep it at $1/a pop...but I'm willing to toss my own money into this and get something decent. (But not too expensive...I'm not made of money, and the kids' uniforms have just about tapped me out for the moment.)

We're a small church (ave. Sunday attendance is 65) and will probably have......20 kids at most attending. I'd like to keep it Star Wars themed......but most of my usual haunts are for the more...expensive stuff. Stuff I don't mind getting for Himself for Christmas, but not little "door prize" stuff.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks! Gotta go hit the pool for my ..... therapy now. *gg*
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