July 1st, 2005

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Need PC tech-y help, please

I need to upgrade the graphics card in my PC. It's a HP Pavilion, about 1.5 years old, running M$ XP.

The reason? Himself has discovered that you can *play*games* on the computer! Games about *Star*Wars*. And *Legos*. You can even play a *Lego* game ABOUT *Star*Wars*.

Or, you could if your Mom's PC had a graphics card that supports Pixel Shading v1.1. *sigh*

I have NO clue what to look for when upgrading PC parts. I've looked at cards, and it's all gobbly-gook to me.

I talked with a tech at EDS....he had me "download" some "upgrade" for Windoze....and told me it would work. Ummmmmmmmm, yeah...if the PC is *telling* me it needs a new card, why would a download work? But, I sighed, and did the download, then went to "install" it...and it turns out I didn't Need the Download, I already Had that version of whatever......and Himself still can't play Star Wars with Legos on the Computer, and he's just going to Die if I can't get it worked out.

Or so he says.

So, anyone wanna offer me some advice? So I don't look like a total n00b in front of the 'puter place people? Please?? *g*

Cheap would be nice, especially since I'm probably gonna have to pay someone to stick it in. I don't like messing around with the innards of my PC...it makes me nervous. (Anyone wanna hold my hand with *that*, too?)

Thanks muchly - I will be in your debt. And so will Himself!
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These are a few of my favorite things....

I ganked this from </a></b></a>gypsybaby1 *g*

The smell of new mown hay (*achoo!*)
The smell of clean, freshly oiled leather
The smell of wet horse
Bissenger's Chocolate Covered Cherries
The smell of a freshly washed baby
The first slice of just-out-of-the-oven bread
Squeaky clean wool
Brightly dyed wool
The gentle hummmmmmmmm of a finely-crafted spinning wheel
The sight of a neatly warped, ready to weave on, loom
Clean floors!
Silk, in all it's forms
Sea spray in my hair
Lounging by the pool
The smell left after a rainstorm
The sight of my 2 children....sound asleep.....in *their own* beds

So...what are some of yours?
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