July 10th, 2005

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So, my mother came out today with one of the EDS techs. He was nice enough to volunteer to drop in the video card I got from Tiger Direct.......but.

As usual, my luck with electronics sucks. The card, it does not fit. Oh, it does not fit at all. My HP has PCI cards (not whatever the other type of card is, he looked) but the break or whatever it is is in the wrong place. Even turning the card around backwards didn't work....*sigh*.

The good news is that Himself is off to her house, so I don't have to hear the whining. The bad news is that the card doesn't fit, and I don't think it'll qualify for return (since it's not defective, as far as we know, but it's out of the plastic now.) *double sigh*

He said he'll check it out for me....but yeah. He's notorious for procrastination.

So....any suggestions on what to do now? I *would* like to be able to play the stupid $25 game we have sitting here.......*g*

ETA: The card I just got is the nvidia GeForce 6200, if that makes a difference. My PC hates it.
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