July 26th, 2005

SW: so shiny!

thank you lord!

it was a perfect, beautiful launch! america is back in space!!

i had only 1 spazz-out moment: right before the large engine was dropped, yahoo *lost*the*connection. not fun - we were looking at it from the outside of discovery...and the 'puter lost it.

thankfully, it was just a bandwidth problem.

congrats, nasa!!!
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SW: miracleman

wonderful news!

my friend, getupgrrl, welcomed her long-awaited baby boy yesterday!

after a minor glitch, he is doing well.

it was a long, tough road to get there - but i think she'll agree it was worth the trip! (her archives are on vacation due to a rash of plagerism...but trust me. it was a *very* long road.)
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