August 12th, 2005

SW: pray


So, today I went to the ortho, and he pronounced my wrist "fantastic". The cast was duly removed (he scampered off with it, so I have no idea what happened with it...) and my arm *scrubbed* for 10 minutes.

It's still slightly swollen, which seems strange to me, and it hurts. Pretty bad. I decided to put the splint back on...just in case.

Took both kids to meet their new teachers. Herself was *very* well behaved. She really likes her new teacher, and is now looking forward to Monday. Himself....*loves* his school. Why? Well....the directions to his room are: in the door, past the big tree, past the large yellow train (lifesized!!), around the curve, past the castle (at the library - they get story time inside it!!!!!!!!!), under the butterflies, past the big green caterpiller, past the puppet stage, and in the 3rd door on the left. With the green frame, and a blue squiggly above it.

The room has a big yellow tunnel in it, and books, and a bathroom! and computers....and LEGOS. Oh, cool! His teacher's son is a 1st Lt. in the Air Force, and she has a picture of him and his jet.

I have been replaced, methinks. *g*

In other news, my boss is NOT doing well. They rushed him to the ER - he couldn't breathe and his lungs were filling with fluid. *sigh* At least we got all the stuff together..on his lifetime achievements and stuff. We're ready...but not ready.

I'll nag about Oct. 15th later....I need to toss back some advil.