August 19th, 2005

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Wheel Report...

So, it's been a few months - I decided to check with AA on my AWOL spinning wheel.

He's had a hard time deciding what wheel I wanted. *g* I keep telling him - I'm Easy; anything he makes will be perfect! (And it's true - he is a veritable artist when it comes to wheels, and I will absolutely LOVE whatever he sends me.)

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And, for the record, I'm not upset or angry or anything like that. I *am* willing to wait on him - he is an artist, and his wheels are well worth the wait. He makes each wheel by Hand - no machine stamped out parts from him! He even hand forges the oriface and footman!

The test of an efficient wheel is to treadle it up to speed, then remove your foot and count the wheel revolutions. I think it needs to hit 150 to be considered Scottish wheel? Hit 250 before I quit counting. (Yes, that's 250 revolutions Without being Treadled!) Yeah, I'm willing to wait for more of that! (my Ashford Traveler barely hit 125 when I tested it.......)
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