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August 22nd, 2005


Ugh... 04:37 am
I am sick. Very sore throat, stuffed nose, achy, chills.....

I should probably stay home today...but I can't talk..so I can't *call* my boss to tell her. Wonder if I can get daycare lady to call?

(You know I'm sick when I have Jello for breakfast, and it Hurts.)

ETA: I made it to the doc. at 10:30...it's strep. It's so bad that the doc took a peek at my throat and said: "OMG! Your poor throat! Bet that *hurts*!" Ummmm, duh!

So, now I have 2 nice drugs I am all cuddled up with. I've been sleeping off and on since I got home....we'll see how tonight goes as to if I go into work or not tomorrow.
Current Mood: sicksick
The possessed iPod says:: silence
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