August 27th, 2005

HA: padme

And I thought my diaper-days were over....


So, why did I think I was done with cleaning up poop just because my youngest was potty-trained?

Took Himself to the doc this AM. On the way, we had the oil in the van changed, then dropped Herself off for some girl-time with Grandma. Himself kept complaining that his stomach hurt, but he didn't feel hot, so I just let him be.

The doc wasn't in - so we saw the stupid-oh-lord-I-hate-her NP. She's mis-diagnosed him 3 times - so far - and I think today probably makes #4. She gave him a pretty cursory going-over, told me that no, strep does NOT have a cough (so, ummm, why did I have a really bad, hack-my-lungs-up cough 2 days before my doctor diagnosed strep??) and that this was just fall allergies. No drugs were prescribed (which is OK - I'd rather pass on meds for Himself if he doesn't need them) and off we went.

We picked up G'ma and Herself and went to lunch. While there.....he went to the bathroom and came out upset - he'd messed up his underwear. Big Time. I hustled him into the girl's room, made him strip off his shorts and underwear, and attempted to clean up the mess.........

He wouldn't let me trash the underoos - they were his "favorite" Bob the Builder ones - so I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed them out while he flashed the women coming in. (Yes, I apologized profusely. Fortunately, they were all Moms.) I dropped him off at the table and hustled the wet, wrapped in 20 paper towels evidence out to the van.

He made it almost to the end of lunch....and did it again. *sigh*

So, he's home, showered, changed into fresh, clean, not-his-favorite-but-OK Bob the Builder underoos, and camped in front of the TV, slurping up Sprite and water. I dosed him with 2 tsp of Pepto-Bismal...and he's been "OK" since.....but still.

If he's not better tomorrow, I'll dose him Monday and call the doctor back and complain. It could just be a small bug; it could be something he's hoping.

Can I ask the PTB to make 2006 a bit better?
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