September 2nd, 2005

SW: Looking for love in Alderaan Places

I feel so......ashamed

because this year, for the *very* first time, I.....:sob:....*ordered* my children's Halloween costumes, instead of making them myself. :sniffle: I feel like I am in the running for the WWM* award.

This year, Himself has decided he must be Darth Vader. So, I spent a few hours trolling the 'net, looking for patterns. I found them, all right...but. If I am going to make a costume, it is gonna be *authentic*, dammit! (This comes from being married to a Professional costume maker....although *I* draw the line at hunting down the *exact* fabric, having it sent to the original dyer, just so it matches the fabric used on *1* uniform in a short scene in one of the Star Trek movies....yes, he Did. Numerous times. Let's not discuss the *cost*, 'k?) The patterns.....aren't. I could make the changes, yes, and it *is* within the realm of my sewing (lack of) experience, but......

I started to calculate the probable cost of said costume. (Not including the time spent browsing JoAnn's (minimum 2 hours), or the gas to get me there.) So, we have a few yards of black fabric (the patterns call for black sweats. Ummm, no.) for the jumpsuit, a couple of yards of black for the cape, a few yards of black vinyl for the chest plate, belt, gauntlets, boot tops...and fuck the helmet - I'll just go buy the damn thing. Plus a bolt of muslin to do a mock up or 3, to make sure the adjustments estimate? Over $100. Ack! (not including the helmet, or the lightsaber, either!)

So, off to Ebay I went. I can get a costume for...$19.99. OR a deluxe one for $29.99. OR! A Super! Deluxe! One for $49.99. Plus the cost for the lightsaber and gauntlets. (I went for the Deluxe one....) Total cost, with shipping? $53. It shipped out yesterday. *g*

Herself wanted to be a fish. *sigh* O-K-dokey. Off I went to look for costumes.......I can't bring myself to make something that stupid looking. The "best of the basically a hat. With the kid peering thru the mouth - I kept having visions of my daughter hanging on someone's wall like a trophy bass. :shudder:

So, we met and regrouped. She decided a cat would be nice......but not a simple sweatsuit with tail and a headband with ears, no siree bob! It must be *fur*. With a Mask. And whiskers.

Fortunatly for me, there is a lady on Ebay offering to sew costumes...for $29. I paypal'd the money over last night. *g*

I have now spent all of my "disposable" income for the month, but I figure I got off cheaper than if I tried to sew them, and I'm Done. The kids are happy, because they know the costumes are on the way...and that's what counts, right?

*WWM = World's Worst Mother
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