September 6th, 2005

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The loom, she is warped!

(and there was much rejoicing: yay)

It only took 4.5 hours, would have only been 2.5, but, 80 ends from the end I noticed a major threading error...2" from the beginning. *sigh*. Plus the kids simply can't leave me alone for any bit of time at all....they think I will self-destruct or something if I don't have to referee a fight, or dig something out of the refrigerator, or remove the *gasp* dog hair that is on the couch - because, y'know, if you sit on it, you'll become a dog or something. (ummmm, yeah. Let's ignore the fact that our house is slipcovered in early dog.)

Beaming took another 3 hours...because 8/2 cotton is EVIL. Apparantly, my 2 cones were the top of the class in snarling and snagging and lease-stick avoidance 101.

But, that sucker is on (all 10 yards of it!), spread, and I am 2 inches into the first dishtowel.

The pattern is - meh. Not exactly what the drawdown claimed, but it's ok. Not spectacular, but not ugly either.

Oh, and I also started a sock...on DPNs. Yes, I'm sick. No, the CSM isn't broken - I just got this sudden urge to CO a sock on size 2s. Surprisingly, my wrist isn't in agony (and there was much rejoicing), just a little stiff and ouch-y. I'm about 1" from the heelflap, so maybe I'll be turning a heel at lunch today. Maybe....we'll see how the ol' wrist holds up.

The yarn was gifted to me from Kae when she delivered my loom back in December. I've been staring at it (especially since the dogs tried to put it out of it's misery in was bad. Really bad.) trying to decide if I wanted to put it on the CSM or not. The colors...well. They're....bright. The base is screaming Red, with splotches of bright turquoise, royal blue, and orange-y yellow. These socks will definately make a statement....let's hope it's not of my mental state. *g* (And, Yes, Mom - they DO fit My foot. I tried it on last night to determine when I needed to start the heel. They don't look any better on than they do on the needles....*gg*)

Don't get me wrong - I love this yarn. I really love the looks I am getting as I haul the sock in progress around - did I mention the colors! are! bright!?

I think part of the reason my wrist isn't screaming (besides the fact that the yarn has subdued it) is that I have a Dr. Scholl's wax treatment thingy on my counter right now. I need more wax for it, but it seems to be helping a bit. Once I get over the OHLORD! It's HOT! reaction....(word to the wise - do NOT have it set on HOT when you go to stick your arm in there....set it on LOW and wait for the wax to melt. Trust me on this one....)
me: portrait

I've turned the heel...

and am in the middle of the gussets of Loud Sock #1. I'll try to get pics later...I want bright sunlight, so you can get the full effect of them. (Note to self: Bring sunglasses.)

The more I knit on them, the louder they get.....*g*

I'm hoping to get it to the toe decreases tomorrow, but we'll see. It depends on how busy we are a work (right now..not very. But, tomorrow is another day.) If I can, then Thursday I can start sock #2....

Off to weave a bit - the loom is getting pushy!
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