September 10th, 2005

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radioactive sock

radioactive sock
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Here's a photo of the radioactive sock (of doom - thanks J!) The colors still aren't quite right - the camera can't capture the true brightness of this sock.

I have a close up, as well, that's a little better color-wise, but flickr doesn't seem to want me to post 2 photos at once. :sigh: I'll post it in a minute.
me: portrait

Whee! Just got off the phone

with Steph Gaustad. You know - of Alden Amos and Steph Gaustad fame. Wheelwright extroidinaire. Yeah - THAT Steph.

She had e-mailed me a picture of the prototype Saxony wheel that he is building For Me. is GORGEOUS. (It's not my picture, so I won't post it (especially since this is a prototype and not one of his "typical" wheels - yet) - but trust me - Beautiful doesn't even START to cover it.) The pic is a wheel in Walnut.....yum. I told her to pack it up, I'd be waiting. *g*

She reminded me gently that my whole point in ordering another wheel was to get one lighter weight than my Scottish Castle, and easier to transport, and gently suggested I choose Cherry wood. Even Yummier than Walnut!

It is NOT a typical Saxony. The base is extremly slanted - the back leg is almost under the drive wheel, it's so slanted, and the turnings are exquisite. Very very very small footprint (like the original, since this is a reproduction) but the drive wheel is pretty good size (I forgot to ask, but it appears in the photo to be at least 27", but I'm thinking it may be 30". I'll be calling back later in the week and I'll verify it.) The whole wheel has almost a daintyness about it that is missing from most Saxonies I've seen. It's really....well, I e-mailed her and said "WOW", and that just about covers it.

Seriously, I don't like Saxony wheels because they are just too......big. They take up space that I'd prefer not be used up by furniture, if that makes since. Even the small ones take up almost 3 feet. This wheel appears to take up about as much space as my 22" Scottish Castle wheel, which is only a titch larger in footprint than my Ashford Traveller. (But the wheel as a whole is *huge* compared to the Traveller, it's just in how it's arranged. Kinda like how an Irish Castle takes up less space than a Saxony, but is much much more robust.) Plus, it seems like everyone and their dog has a Saxony-type wheel, and I prefer to be original. *g*

At least *this* wheel will satisfy my craving for different, but will still *look* like what most people think of when they think "spinning wheel". And have I mentioned it's PRETTY?

Whee! Now I have to wind down for sleep...yeah, like THAT's gonna happen anytime soon.
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