September 13th, 2005

me: portrait

I'm in the homestretch

- about 4" to go - and galloping rapidly towards the toe. I had to stop for a bit, though - my wrist is starting to complain.

Part of it's the weather - we actually had, if you can believe this, drops of fluid that resembled water falling out of the sky last night. The weather people claim that this is not an isolated phenomenom; it should happen again today. What a concept!

I am deep in the throes of planning the next pair of socks. I've changed the color scheme a bit - they will be purple mohair/lambswool with green dragonhair patterning. Both of these yarns have a slight halo; the orange tequila yarn is smooth. I didn't think the smooth would work with the fuzzy. Plus, the dragonhair has glitz in it!

I downloaded some knitting graph paper this AM, and am going to play with patterns. I need a nice knotwork strip for the cuff, and a singular knot for the heel flap. That will hopefully take me thru lunch; I can go back to the sock after without too much pain, I hope.

Off to play with pencils!
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