September 15th, 2005

me: portrait

Long, boring day...

I am holding down the fort by myself today - co-worker's DH was in the hospital for dialysis surgery #3....he keeps throwing bloodclots, so they have to re-do the graft. He made it thru OK, but has to stay in the hospital for a few days because they started him on Heparin.

We don't have a lot of work to do....I did most of it in about 1 hour this AM. I have...maybe 2 hours worth left....but I'm looking at part of next week by myself, and I don't want to get stuck with nothing to do. So, I'm saving it. :g:

I brought the Joy wheel today...yes, I hate it, but it's convienent to haul around. It fits right by my desk, near the phone, so I've been spinning all afternoon. Himself will have a new hat this winter! :g:

Tonight I will fire up the dyepots. I am going to do 2 runs - 4 oz of purple, and 4 oz of green. I figure that should give me enough to maybe do 2 pairs of socks. I love having 2 dyepots - I can do both batches at the same time. I hope they're dry enough to card this weekend, so I can start spinning my sock yarn next week.

While they're bubbling away, I plan on finishing up the tidying of the studio. It's pretty much done - I just have some misc. stuff to put up and I need to vacuum. Then maybe I can toss the shuttle a few times.

Didn't hear from the teacher today....which doesn't really mean anything. I'll know how he did when I pull out his homework folder tonight. :fingers crossed:

Gotta find something to do tomorrow...not sure I feel up to hauling the Joy back up here. Not sure *what* I want to do.....must think.

Cleared up the CSM this AM, so it's ready to crank out socks again. It just needs a little vacuuming and oiling. And yarn......:g:

I'm contemplating a post on novelty yarns and why I hate them...but it's still cooking.