September 22nd, 2005

fiber: CSM

I'm smokin', now...

let's see, last night I got home a bit early, tossed food at the kidlets, then sat down at the CSM to see what I could do.

In about 45 minutes, I finished sock #1 (remember, I had done the heel decreases, but not the increase etc.), and did sock #2 to the toe (I didn't feel like messing with more decreases and increases at that point.)

I think I'm almost back in the groove! Sock #1 has quite a few...mistakes. No biggie - I'll wear 'em anyway, and it was a re-learning experience. Sock #2 - so far - is completly ERROR-FREE. Yee-Hah!

I've scrounged up some remnants from my socks, and will be cranking out some "make-do" tube socks for the kids. They're not wild about the color selection - these are fun yarns, but not BRIGHT, or radioactive. They'll get over it...

I also knocked out a dishtowel and got about 1/4 done with the next one. Note to Self: DO NOT buy mill-end yarns for warp. I am having breakage problems along both selvedges...and when I replace the threads with the new, direct from Webs' retail store yarn, the breaks stop. Grrrrrrrr. (I got the warp yarn from the "local" weaving's definately a mill-end, and it ain't worth what I paid for it. :sigh: Live and learn, I guess.)

I've got another sock on the needles for daytime busy-work. It's handspun from some roving I got from The Woolery about - oh, call it 4 years ago. I *think* the roving is from Bonkers; I remember it's a sock blend, and it's all micro-fiber (no real stuff here, no siree!). The roving was predominatly RED; the mostly heathery-purple-ish. Very interesting stuff...we'll see what the socks look like.

Himself is doing well in school - this week. Hopefully, that'll continue. Herself is probably on the Honor Roll..her grades have been *terrific*. (J - make her yarn really nice and bright, 'k? She deserves it! *g*)

Think that's it for the moment - we're pretty well battened down for the bad weather. Houston is...4 hours away (the way *I* drive), so the Hurricane isn't an's the tornados that will spin off of it that are the concern. Most of my neighbors are in mobile homes...yikes.

OH! I downloaded PhotoPlus, and now have new iconage! Whee! go scrounge up more pictures to transform!
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You Are A: Lamb!

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You were almost a: Duckling or a Pony
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:snerk: And I was trying to get the pony!
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fiber: CSM


OK, so co-worker sent me home early, at 3:30. I was at the daycare by 4:15, ya'll! So, I figured I had time to play a bit tonight.

I tossed the shuttle for about 30 minutes, then had to answer the siren song of the CSM. I got my sock #2 done (except for closing the toes...I'll do them later. I like to Kitchner in big batches, for some reason), and completed Himself's sock #1. I'm ready to CO for #2, but am too blurry tonight to do it.

I'm using a "new" CO method - usually I do a tiny hem top; this time I'm "e-wrapping" (think backwards loop over the needle CO. Same thing, basically) looks nice, not as "heavy" as the hem top...but it's a bitch to execute without dropping stitches. Must practise this.

There's a way you can do a selvedge edge, by taking some of the cylinder needles out of work for a round, and having the ribber needles out for..2 rounds, I think, but I've not been successful at it yet (and I've been using my CSM since 2001...)

I'll finish Himself's pair tomorrow, and start on a pair for Herself. The socks I made me were...Opal, I think, Purple and black self-patterning. Herself likes purple, so this will be good. I have more than enough to make her a large pair of tube socks.

:yawn: Must rustle up a bedtime snack, then coax the kidlets into bed. I'm tired!