September 25th, 2005

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Busy Weekend...

but not a lot to show for it. Rita fizzled out here...we got *maybe* 3" of rain yesterday; lots of wind, but it was all bluster. :sigh: We really need the rain!

So, while it was too windy outside to do things (I need to fix fence, and cleanup the back gate where Dusty dug a hole), I cleaned house. And vacuumed. (BTW, I love my Dyson and my Glimakra. The Dyson fits *inside* the loom, and sucked up all the bits and pieces of fuzz; it also sucked up all the stragglers on the drum carder). Did 4 loads of laundry, and had just settled down to watch a DVD with the kids (Clone Wars, Vol. 1, of course) when...

ZAP. Power went off. I called it in...and we waited. 20 minutes or so later, it came on, went off, came on, and ZAP - off again. I managed to get 1 dishtowel woven, then I pulled the Joy into the Family room (where the kids were freaking out, because WE HAD NO POWER, MOM! It's going to get DARK soon! 4:15 in the afternoon.) and cleared off most of 2 bobbins.

The power came back on at almost 5, so I served dinner (crock pots are great!) and sat down with my fuzzy purple handspun and cranked out 1/2 a sock. I would have gotten further along, but the CSM is picky about what it likes, and slightly bumpy yarn is a definate DIS-like. Since this was demo-yarn, it's not my best...but it is knitting up into a loverly sock. With a bit of patience, I'll be able to finish it and get it's mate done, too.

Today was potluck at church...nice, but not a lot of participants. We came home, I napped, then I made a batch of cookies for the kids...colored sugar cookies in fun shapes. They devoured the 4 color rainbows...*g* Himself now has fun cookies to take for snack time at school..a ladybug, a flower, a butterfly. More cookies will be made later in the week.

Must go plan some new pics for the website. I need to re-do all the sock photos (they were taken at work and are a bit dark) and get pics of the new ones I've made. Oh, and dinner.
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Oh My...

I had forgotten just how wonderful spinning on my AA is. Pure bliss doesn't even *start* to cover it. (That's my AA in the icon!)

I have a sock on the needles right now, out of some handspun *something* I got from....the Woolery, I think. It was marked as a sock blend, I'm pretty sure it's all synthetic, and I think I remember "Bonkers" as being the supplier - but I don't remember. It was a stacked batt - the outer layers were deep red, the inner ones were blue, bronze, and green, with bits of yellow dropped in here and there.

UGLY doesn't cover it...I spun it up on the Joy to break it in, then shoved the resulting 2-ply in a drawer so I didn't have to look at it. Muddy, ucky, icky yarn. Blech.

I pulled it out earlier this week, because it was the only "sock" yarn I had ready to go, and I was in the mood to start a sock. WOW. Knit up, it looks NOTHING like the yarn or roving. It's coming out (on this sock, at least) as a nicely striped, autumn-type blend. Loverly!

I dug out the rest of the batt, sat at the AA, and spun it up. Bliss. It's neatly spun (a lot better than the ball I'm using!), it spun quickly, and still looks like mud. Can't wait to start on it! *g*

Must run - the sock is calling me...