September 26th, 2005

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Website goodness and shameless begging

I've been playing with the webpage today. I updated the knitting, socks, weaving, and warping pages (you wanna see, just go to the main page and hit the links..I'm lazy today *g*).

I took new pictures of almost all my socks, added some socks, added a hat, and tried to clarify my warping instructions. I still need to add pictures to the Dye page, and retake pictures of my wheels and CSM, but this'll do for now.

I've come to a conclusion - I need a set schedule for all my fiber pursuits, or I'll never get anything done. I'm going to *try* to weave on Saturdays and in the early AM; I will crank out socks on M/W/F, and I will spin T/Th/Sun. Handknitting I will carry with me as a travel project each day - socks are small and portable (plus, I'm on a sock kick right now). Except for this week.....*eg*

I have changed my next spinning project - I was going to spin up the green and purple lambswool from the last mad scientist day, but I woke up this morning with a desperate need of Autumn-themed socks. So, tonight I will dig out some wool - either Ramboillet or Border Leicester - and dye up 2oz lots of brown, orange, yellow and mossy green. I'll card each color seperatly, then stack them a'la Deb Menz, card them again, and pull a roving out of 'em. I want to get this done before the Library demo.

The purple fuzzy sock on the CSM is coming along - I'm ready to turn the heel. I discovered that if I stand up, shove my left hand down into the sock and crank, the CSM hums along nicely. If I don't, it skips stitches, snarls, and growls at me. Picky thing. *g* I may or may not work on it tonight - I gotta dye wool (see above *g*)

My current hand-knit sock is coming along...but - HORRORS - I am going to run out of yarn before I finish sock #2. I got this roving when I bought my Joy wheel, so I know it came from the Woolery, but that's all I am sure of. I *think* it was from Bonkers; I remember it being touted as a "sock blend"...and it's synthetic, but that's all I know.

I need *MORE* of this! The batt was layered - Magenta/Blue/Brown with bits of green and yellow. Butt-ugly. Spun up muddy...but knits up divinely. Anyone out there have anything resembling this in your stash??? I'm begging, here....

The Woolery has something that sounds similar, and I will be placing an order on payday, but I'm not sure it's the same thing. I'd like my socks to at least resemble each other....

Why am I running out? I haven't a clue. I think I found the yarn so revolting I passed the rest of the batt on...but I don't *know*. I may have let people play with it while demo-ing - I know I demo'd this stuff; the colors are wild enough that they catch people's attention. I just know that I had 1 ball of 2-ply (in between sock and sport weight, mostly), and a very very very small bit of unspun batt.

I'd hate this sock to be an orphan....anyone got anything remotely resembling this? :whimper: