October 4th, 2005

HA: padme

my baby girl's growing up...

She's finally decided she wants her ears pierced. Now, for most girls, this is no big deal. For her...well.

She's got severe ADD. She tends to...obsess over stuff. And gets her knickers in a wad over the simplest things.

I had told her that when she turned 8, she could make the decision. She turned 8 in June....and we've gone back and forth over this. "It'll HURT" she sobs. Or "I don't like blood!" Her friends (none of whom, it must be noted, have pierced ears) have filled her with horror stories of the pain and suffering one goes thru when your ears are skewered by the humongous posts of the "starter" earrings.

Ummm....yeah. Right.

It got so bad, that I grabbed various women at church Sunday, and asked them "Did it hurt when you got your ears pierced?" All of them, of course, said NO.

So, she's cool with it, and excited. Me, knowing how she is, has decided we will do this as an EARLY Christmas present - if I wait until Christmas, she'll be back in a quivering ball of fear again.

I called Granny yesterday....turns out her (and Herself's) hairdresser is certified to pierce ears. The kids are going to Granny's this weekend.....so, Granny will take care of it. *g* Hair and ears - 1 stop shopping.

Not to be left out, Himself will get to go to "his" barber. He likes her - she has Candy! and Puzzles! and lets him spin!the!chair!

Now, I gotta get over the fact that my baby girl's growing up......

(Family, this means jewelry is appropriate for prezzies! Preferably pink, fairy, or unicorns *eg*)
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