October 14th, 2005

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Quick update...

Not much knitting today - I'm trying to spare my wrists for the spin-a-thon tomorrow. The sock is coming along nicely - I'm about 1/3 down the foot now.

I had forgotten how....icky...unblocked lace looks. This sock - which does, in fact, fit my foot - looks like a child's sock right now. The lace has scrunched up and collapsed, and just looks tiny. I've tried it on *5* times now, and it definately fits, so I am refusing to worry about it.

Everything is ready to pack - I cleaned and waxed the wheel last night. Tonight, I will load the van, make a batch of chicken salad, and vacuum at the living room.

Nothing else much to report - I dug out a bunch of spinning books, and am starting the study portion of the COE requirements. Gives me something to do, and I am actually noticing things I skimmed over before. I still don't know that I'm actually going to submit anything...which is why I need a buddy...but knowledge and practise never hurts.

The stumbling block for me, is that most of the skeins you submit have to be singles. I ply all my yarns, so spinning a balanced, useful single is going to take a bit of work. Not impossible, no, but work. I have until Feb 1, 2007 to make up my mind, so I'm not going to think about it now, just get on with the spinning and research.
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Demo tomorrow...

and I am *ready*. The van is packed; the gate is fixed (the recent deluge made my driveway rise up 1/4"...the gate was dragging. No more!); the kids and animals are fed; the stud-muffin has been put back in the pasture.....we're good to go.

I took a lot of notes today...with still more to research. I'm learning a lot - which is the whole point.

Now, on to dinner, baths, and bed.
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