October 15th, 2005

me: portrait

I survived...

a ton of stupid questions, a few really dumber than rock people, and quite a few nice, intelligent folk. I wish there had been more intelligence, and less idiocy, but hey - it was fun. And good - I didn't spend a dime. *g*

Lady S. got a lot woven off - she did really well for her first boat shuttle use! She also did a great job explaining exactly *what* she was doing to people with no clue.

*I* finally signed up for a library card....I'm going to need to use ILL quite a bit. See, I kinda...ummm, came out about the COE attempt, so now I'm kinda obligated to actually *do* it. Which is good - I need the practise, and one of the librarians there is a spindler, and she said she'd be happy to nag me about it. *g* It's the little things, y'know?

AND - I successfully spun and plied a perfectly balanced 2-ply...the first time I've done that during a demo! Whee!!!! (Yes, I am easily amused!)

Too tired to write more.......will do more later. Must force the kidlets to go to bed so I can crash.