October 18th, 2005

me: portrait


no new knitting to report - the wrist has decided to go on strike. It's not major - yet - so I am doing everything in my power to keep it that way. Just a little achy. *sigh* And I'm 1/2 way down the foot!!!

I traded for an inkle loom Saturday - a bag of all the lambs wool I had left for a larger inkle. It's....OK. Nothing to brag about; it has no finish on it (except the Wood Beams I put on it) and it really needs to be sanded...but it holds a full yard more than the one I already had. I like my old one better, though, because it's a lot more compact, and sits on the table level. I really need to get pics of them both - I have been looking for someone to recreate my first inkle, but without pics it's hard to explain - maybe that'll happen tonight. I've been weaving on it....meh. It's OK. *shrug* I need new bodice laces, and this seemed like a good time to start on them.

On the spinning front, I am plowing thru the EE-dyed BL from this weekend. I started out seeing how fine I could go....wow. 1 hour, and I hadn't even made thru 4 rolags. I decided the Hell with *that*, and bumped it up from Extra-fine to Fine...and 30 minutes later still hadn't made it to the other side of the bobbin. *eg* I don't think *that* requirement is going to be hard to meet - the singles were (surprisingly to me) very consistant and even. Even when I bumped it up a notch. (This was on the AA...I get much better results on her than I do on the Ashfords.)

I'm slowly getting my notes and thoughts together on the written portion of the COE. LOTS of info, but the instructions say "briefly describe". *sigh* Must work on my conciseness. (That's why I am using a notebook for this phase; I'll transcribe it into Word Perfect when I get everything together.)

I need to gather quite a bit of fiber for this, too. I have - pretty much - plenty of cotton (ya think 50+ pounds of raw, still on the boll cotton is "plenty"?), a strick and a 1 pound roving of flax, 1 full (scoured) Romney Fleece (for 1 of the worsted skeins), a silk mawata (dyed by the lovely Steph Gaustad, no less!), some...tussah (?)...roving...but I need some Down Fleece, some Fine Fleece, and some luster fleece. Fun stuff - gee, guess I need to start looking at fleeces, huh?

Equipment-wise, I need a "heavy" supported spindle. I *think* I can use my AA Celtic spindle for it, but I'll have to experiement. I have a nice coin takhli, as well as a bead spindle, so the small supported spindle is covered...and I have enough other spindles to cover the rest of the requirements. I have a charka, so the wheel-driven spindle is covered, and I have access to *2* Great Wheels (1 working, 1 not quite)..so *that's* covered. (You only need access to a "Wheel-driven Spindle", which the charka is, but I think it'd be cool to play with a Great Wheel as well.) Of course, I have my beloved AA flyer and treadle wheel, as well as the Ashford Traveller and (for now, anyway) the Joy. (Someone took an option on it last year; if they still want it, the Joy is GONE. Otherwise, it'll be up on the Housecleaning Pages.)

I've already learned a LOT of stuff...amazing how much stuff you skim over when you're just reading to be reading. I also see how much more I NEED to learn...*sigh*. I think ILL is going to get a huge workout from me over the next year.

Ah, well...back to the books. Today we are studying "In Sheep's Clothing", to decide what types of fleeces I need to hunt for. Tomorrow, I'll attempt to stay awake for Mabel Ross.....must stock up on caffeine. *eg*