October 31st, 2005

SW: Damn Kids

Happy Halloween!

Not much going on here. Rain is happening - that's different.

The kids are excited about tonight. I will be escorting a short Darth Vader and a hyper black cat (you figure out who is who! *eg*), while wearing my green Nobles. To the Baptist Church. With Cleavage. *beg* This should be interesting.....

Herself's Christmas is complete. My in-laws found me a rock tumbler for her (a REAL one, not a toy!), so I googled today and ordered 5 pounds of rocks for her. (An aside: how odd is it that I am paying good money for ROCKS?) I had already scored some unicorn sheets, and beads...just need to help Santa fill the stocking, and she's good to go. Himself? Star Wars all the way, baby! Star Wars sheets, and Lego (not SW) Mars Rover playset, and SCORE!!! SW Droid Factory Playset from the 70's...complete except for *4* connectors. C'mon, I can fabricate those out of toothpicks! Again, just need stuff for the stocking...but he's basically done, as well. I'd like to find him an affordable Mars Rover kit (Lego's actually MOVES..but it's pricey. Very) and her a Unicorn lamp (again, pricey), but they don't *need* it.

Ah, well...such is the life of the fiberaddict.
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