November 2nd, 2005

SW: The Talk

Day 2..

and still no phone at home. I set up the call on Monday evening, was told "a technician would fix it by 6 PM Nov. 1". Called at 6:00:01 last night, was given to a rep, and was told "Oh, the ticket says he'll be there at 6:40 tonight". Yeah, right.

So, I waited. And waited. And waited some more. At 7:00, I called back. Got a different rep, who said "Oh, no one's been assigned this ticket. It's not an emergency, so someone will be out tomorrow."

I am planning on calling Sprint today and asking about a refund for the 2 days I've' been without phone service. *sigh*
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Question for all you Ebayers out there...

OK, so here's the deal:

I found an auction for 1.5 pounds of chocolate Shetland lamb's fleece. (#8226867418, if you want to play along) I wrote the seller, kj_ohio, to see if he/she would be willing to wash it for me (for a price - I don't mind paying extra for extra service) She replied no, so I thought about it..the opening bid was only .01, so I decided to go ahead and bid on it - my maximum was $12, because I was hoping it would be a nice fleece, and that's not excessive for shetland wool.

This was on Oct. 22..the auction ended Oct. 25. There had been no activity on the auction before I bid (there was no picture - and when I asked for one, the one she sent was very dark, and you couldn't make out any details.) On the 24th, I noticed the price had gone up to $4 - so I checked out the competing bidder(s). It was only 1 - and the name was bj_ohio. Hmmmmmmmm, that's odd, I thought. So, I checked his/her info...same state. Even Odder. (Yes, I often check out the competitors - if it's someone I know, I *usually* won't up my bid. That's just me, though. *g*)

Oh, well, I won the auction - $4 for the fleece. $10 for shipping (a bit high...but - oh well.)

The fleece arrived yesterday. Low and behold, Her name is Karen...and her husband's' name is Brian.

So, now what? Should I notify Ebay? (Shill bidding is prohibited on Ebay). Not worry about, but mention something in my feedback?(like: Item OK, but watch other bidders). I mean, it's only $4, for an ok fleece. It'll work for what I wanted it for, which is what matters.....

The fleece is OK. Not prime, IMHO, but not trash. More VM than I expected, but again - it's not infested with it (scant means different things to different people..I'm spoiled.). It washed up quickly, and is a lovely chocolate brown, and very soft. No obvious dung tags, and I haven't noticed any felting (I haven't teased it open yet - I took it out of the box, plunked it into 6 net bags, and dunked them immediately into the washer. Mustn't let Himself's asthma know a raw fleece is in the vicinity!)

The fleece is definatly worth the $14 I paid (it would NOT be worth $22, which I would have paid if my max bid had been reached.) She's a new-ish Ebayer (well, under this screen name, anyway) with only 26 feedback, so maybe they/she doesn't know all the rules. Maybe I'm just paranoid.....

What should I do? I may or may not take ya'll's advice, but I'm not sure what the next step should be.