November 12th, 2005

me: portrait

Busy busy busy...

Yesterday was clean the kitchen/dining area day. The kitchen took 3 hours - but it's now clean, disinfected, and polished. I found my dining table, discovered stuff in the strata that I thought were lost forever, and...the house smells better now.

Today was flu shot day for the kids. Much fun was (NOT) had by all...but they were better this year than last. No screaming, anyway.

Got home, and cleaned the living room. Ugh. It's done, though - just need to mop. Since it's threatening rain, I'm going to wait - I know, the minute I mop the floors, it'll pour, and the dogs will start paw-painting again.

I've started on my autumn-blend. I've got 1 bobbin almost full - it's looking *exactly* like I visualized it! I just need to decide which of the other 3 combos I want to ply it with......

We wormed the horses today - THAT was fun. The mature ones were easy - they know that wormer = treats, and tried to knock me down. Finn...well, he lived up to "little shit". He *finally* allowed himself to get pinned in between me, mom, Dusty, and the water trough, and I was able to flip the halter around his neck, worm him, then flip the noseband over his nose. We had a good 10 minute leading session - he finally figured it out, and did well.

Magic is still fat and prego, Moonie is doing well, and Erynne's leg hasn't oozed thru the bandages. I'm thinking of waiting a few more days before I change the dressing.

OH! I got the mail today - they weren't finished, but I got my horsie Birkis, my blue suffolk wool, and - the coolest thing! - some handmade envelopes from Lanie. Way cool - Can't wait to use them!!

Must go spin a bit, then start supper.