November 18th, 2005

fiber: knitted swatch

I love visiting the frog pond, don't you?

*sigh* I had to frog Himself's hat last night.....the ribbing fit his head, it was nice and cooshy, and smooshy, but when I got to the stockinette part, I realized that size 4 needles were NOT appropriate for this yarn.

Can you say bullet-proof? And NO stretch at off to the frog pond we went. It was a lovely trip....

I dug out some size 6 DPNs (because they are the smallest Non-sock DPNs I could find in bamboo) and started over.

The ribbing is done, and I'm into the stockinette part (again) - and it looks and feels good. Not a squishy, but nice. The bamboo needles are easier on my wrist, for some reason, and the yarn slides easily (almost *too* easily) along.

The colors are wonderful - he's already said he "loves it, Mama!", so that's good. Let's hope he still loves it when it's done and ready to wear!

Back to the grind...