December 10th, 2005

Calvin: Toilet

*sigh* When it rains, it pours...

So. Let's see. First there was the funeral, then the virus, then the, my freezer has died. Died to the point that it is cheaper to *replace* it than to fix it. *sigh*

And it's a 20.6 cf freezer, too.

So, today, instead of lounging around the house, enjoying the lack of company, I get to go out (with my FIL, thank you very much!) and buy a freezer. It's one thing we just really can't live without - I have a growing 5 yo boy that is already displaying teen tendancies (he is currently eating every 30 minutes. FULL meals, mind you - prednisolone does that to him) and a daughter that becomes ravenous when she hits a growth spurt.

The bright side? I was able to toss out a bunch of old stuff that we will never eat. (Yeah, I'm stretching here). We were able to stuff most of the "usuable" stuff into the house freezer (it's a side-by-side, so not a whole lotta room) I haven't lost a bunch of food, but Still.

The repairman was nice, and told me he *could* fix it, but....chances were something else would die when he put the new ($500 parts only) compressor on.

So, as soon as the bank opens, I am headed out. Sears has some nice (smaller) freezers on sale, so......*sigh*

Must fix breakfast now.
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SW: miracleman

Reason # 2,459 I love living in a small community...

I called the "local" Sears this morning (I've learned that you NEVER assume that a store will have the things the "big-city" version have.)and asked about their freezers. I had made up my mind I would be happy with a much smaller freezer (have you looked at prices online? I was in shock!), so asked about a 16.7 cf one first.

The lady was very nice - told me the price ($659), then said "But, if you have room, we are having a sale on the 20.6 cf Kenmore right now, and if you pay with cash we'll take 10% off."

Yee-haw! We ran out to Sears (17.5 miles, as the crow flies) and, $750 (including tax and delivery fees) later, I was set up for delivery TODAY on a 20.6 cf Kenmore. Plus, she gave me a coupon to send in for a $50 rebate. *oooooh*

It's funny - it's the exact same size as the dead Frigidare, but it will hold a LOT more. It has 1 more shelf, with a pull-out basket in the bottom, and 6 shelves in the door (instead of the 4 the Frigidare had). It's freaking *huge*, and....IIRC, we paid $950 for the Frigidare in 2000. And it was a scratch-n-dent model.

Plus...the same model at the store in Mesquite (30+ miles away) is currently listed at $759, and THEY don't offer cash discounts.

To say I am chuffed is an understatement. *g* I ran out to the store and bought more meat to put in it, since I had so much room. It's *still* not full, but I feel happy at the moment with my stockpile. I should have enough stuff in there to feed Himself for...maybe a week. Two if I am very lucky. *vbg*

The only thing that will make me happier is news that Steph (finally) sent out my wheel. *g*
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