December 12th, 2005

QOW: Bad Day

Well, pffffffffffffffffffbt!

So, we found out today a few of the terms of the will/trust agreement. Yes, I will soon be unemployed. (Maybe even by the end of the year....)

The financial advisor told Mrs. Boss last week that things were going to change; she could NOT write checks (or sign them), she would have to sell her house.....and other icky, stupid stuff that we did not understand. Today, she called one of our bankers (the one on the Company account, not the personal one - *he's* an ass)...and he clarified a bunch of things.

Basically, the bank is now in total control of all the finances. The company is now basically run by the bank (which was NOT what we have been told all along....), her trust is controlled by the bank (she can't even buy groceries without their permission)...the sons are going to get a large settlement (which is NOT what Mr. Boss told us all along). Pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt!

We get to write checks this week (payday is Thursday) and she can sign them, but after that - Forget it! *sigh*

This is the biggest f****ng mess I've ever seen. We (my co-worker and I) think Mr. Boss was unduly influenced by the Financial Advisor - before this will, the oldest son inherited the business, and the wife had her trust, with the Finanacial Advisor as the Main Trustee. Mr. Boss HATED banks, and used to badmouth them alot (he bought a lot of Oil Interests from Trust Departments, because "the beneficiaries will get more money from me then they ever will from the banks - the banks just want to sit and draw admin fees!") we just can't see why he would let the bank take over his wife's money.

This is SO NOT fun......but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I will be so outta here when they let us go, it's not even funny. It'll be VERY tight for a while, more of this b******t.

And we were worried about the sons..........
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